Our Work

Cross border Peace and Sports Programme

Theprogramme uses sports as a meansof reducing violence and cattle raiding and to stimulate peace and social cohesion.

Community Empowerment Initiative Programme

This Programme's overall goal is to bring resilience to displaced and dispossessed victims of violence by relieving them of pain and saving endangered lives. It also includes

  • Corporate farming for the community,
  • The Kalenyjuok Health Initiative and
  • The Peace, Arts, Sports, Culture and Development initiative (PASCOD)

Sports and Development Programme

The Sports and Development Programme through the Kenya Netherlands Sports for Development Partnership aims at enabling youths, women and disabled persons to become agents of social transformation and contribute to capacity building of youth and community based organisations. This programme entails the mobilisation, organisation and enhancement of the capacities of marginalized youth to engage in sports and participate in addressing key development issues, such as poverty and economic empowerment for a grater societal transformation.




Work Context

The world today is experiencing an unbreakable vicious cycle of violence that has become a culture. Children and young people are no longer victims only but have also become perpetrators of violent conflicts and criminal acts against fellow children, young persons and other members of the society. Very few actors are targeting children and young people, with peace education work camps and the related activities, as a sure way of transforming the culture of violence into that of peace.

Too little resources, if any, have been allocated over the years towards transforming the culture of violence into a culture of peace through children and young people. The local and international community who get exposed to this concept will find it easy to appreciate and come into partnership with SOPA International to strengthen implementation of its programmes.

SOPA International has the time human resource capacity and structures to implement programs towards transforming the culture of violence into viable peace and sustainable development in society but has inadequate financial and material resources to perform.


Where we work




Peace and Sports Programme

The Peace and Sports Programme has been going on across the borders of neighboring countries of in north western Kenya, north eastern Uganda and Eastern Equatoria and jonglei states of Southern Sudan.

In Kenya, the specific project areas are Lokichoggio, Kakuma, Letea, Oropoi, Kalobeyei, Lodwar Western, Nyanza, Coast, Rift valley and Nairobi.

In North Western Uganda, the project areas are Kotido, Rengen, Panyangara and Kaabong.

In Southern Sudan, the specific project areas are Eastern Equatoria-Chukudum, Ikotos, Kuron-Kapoeta and Bor, Jonglei state.

Community Empowerment Initiative

The Community empowerment initiative based in Siaya and Kogelo.

Kenya Netherlands Sports and Development Partnership programme

Kenya Netherlands Sports and Development Partnership programme works in Siaya, Kisumu, Nairobi, Kilifi, Migori, Malaba, Eldoret, Trans-Nzoia, Uasin-Gishu and Turkana.

How SOPA works

We strive to reach the youth with a similar psychological approach. Since we are a coordinating agency, we do this through implementing partners who ensure that the work is done in their communities and on ground, through CBO’s who reach out to the youths and ensure that the message of peace is preached, and through funding partners who ensure that we have enough resources to ensure our overall objectives are met. We on the other hand plan the activities to be taken place, build the capacities of the implementing partners and the CBO’s by organizing workshops and TOT’s. We also monitor and evaluate the activities on the ground to have indicators on what has been achieved and what has not been in order to strengthen the weak areas. The partners implementing the programme carry on with year long analysis and share their experiences in supporting local peace initiatives, lobby and advocacy on managing the threat of small arms in their communities in the cross border region.

Implementing Partners

  • Miva
  • Kotido Peace Initiative (KOPEIN) in Kotido Uganda
  • Catholic Diocese of Torit (CDOT)
  • Lokichoggio Oropoi Kakuma Development Organization(LOKADO)
  • Kuron Holy Trinity Peace Village in Kuron Sudan
  • Dodoth Agro Pastoralist Development organization (DADO)
  • Friends of Yala Swamp
  • Embassy of the Netherlands
  • International Sports Alliance
  • Women Win
  • KNVB
  • Rights To Play
  • Africa Sports and Talents Empowerment Programme (A-STEP)
  • Trans Nzoia Youth Sports Association(TYSA)
  • Catholic Diocese of Lodwar- Youth Empowerment Programme(DYEP)
  • (urban Youth)
  • Smart Ladies Kisumu
  • People’s Arts, Culture and Sports Organization for Development (PASCOD)
  • Center for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CRAETA) – Migori/Uriri
  • Maembe Sports Club
  • St. Johns Sports Association(SSS)
  • Nuru Development Centre
  • Initiative for Sport and Art (ISSA)
  • Amani Kibera
  • Sadili Oval
  • Box Girls
  • Safe Spaces
  • Moving the Goal Posts

The concept of the programmes SOPA undertakes was built by these organizations, only after they found that it was actually possible and successful to work with the specific communities in the region of the Karamoja cluster, Siaya district and the slum areas of the Kasarani division.