What we do

Sports for Peace and Development

This program coordinates value based sports and play for peace and development activities in Siaya and Turkana counties to facilitate peace education and life skills among children and youth to become agents of social change. We use sports as a means of reducing violence and cattle rustling and to stimulate peace and social cohesion in the cross border region of Turkana West, Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan.

Skills for Alternative Livelihoods (Vocational Training)

This program entails the mobilization, organization and enhancement of the capacities of marginalized youth/women to engage in alternative livelihoods and participate in addressing key development issues, such as poverty and economic empowerment for a greater societal transformation.

The overall goal of the program is to strengthen the income generating capabilities of reformed youth warriors in Turkana West by enhancing technical, financial, literacy, Sexual reproductive health and  life skills for improved livelihoods.

Food Security and Nutrition 

This program facilitates opportunities for pastoral communities in semi-arid areas to enhance their food security and nutrition as a way of mitigating hunger. As pastoralism becomes challenging, many of the reformed warriors are resorting to supplementing their diet with agricultural cultivation of drought resilient crops such as sorghum, millet and cowpeas.  

This program also provides technical agricultural support to children and teachers in primary and secondary schools through Junior Farmers Club activities to improve nutritional intake. Young farmers are engaged in school demonstration farms and encouraged to transfer agricultural skills in the community.

Environmental Conservation

Here, we focus on creating awareness on the need to conserve Lake Kanyaboli -Yala swamp Eco-system. It is the largest Ox-bow Lake in East Africa and the largest wetland in Kenya. We aim to change attitude and behaviour of community members in practicing environmentally friendly activities, promoting peaceful co-existence between human, wildlife, Siaya County government and investors. We advocate for sustainable use of the wetland as well as identifying and promoting talents through the annual Lake Kanyaboli Yala Swamp Ecosystem Half Marathon.

We strongly believe that the half marathon will help to promote eco-tourism Circuit as an alternative livelihood within the Lake Victoria tourism circuit. This will create more employment opportunities.

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We also work to conserve the environment through various sports events. Find out more about the Lake Kanyaboli Half Marathon, an initiatve for promoting conservation of Yala Swamp from the website here.

Research, Policy, Exchange and Learning

Research and policy development program oversees the improved accessibility of factual and credible information for policy advocacy.  SOPA liaises with institutions of learning and relevant networks to enhance exchange and learning processes amongst beneficiaries from different backgrounds. It works towards identifying gaps and opportunities that facilitate the realization of SOPA’s objectives through local and international internships and volunteer activities that promote learning and research.